In the Media

If you’d like to learn more about who we are and what we do, you can listen to and watch these past interviews and podcasts below.


Liluye’s Founder, Jill Langhus-Griffin, was featured on The Ms Texas Show on January 11th (National Human Trafficking Awareness Day) 2023. Jill shared her journey for the first time ever and Liluye´s mission, goals, and vision.
Our amazing partner, Anxhela Bruci, from Empowerfull, celebrated initiatives with her #ChoseNotToLookTheOtherWay campaign that (indirectly or directly) contribute to the fight against modern slavery during the 2022 Human Trafficking Awareness Month. In episode #1, our Founder, Jill Langhus-Griffin, shared some inspiration on Liluye´s journey so far and how we are contributing to the economic empowerment of survivors of human trafficking.


In March, 2023, our Founder, Jill Langhus-Griffin, recorded her first podcast episode with Kirsten Rudberg, from Byte Sized Blessings (Season #11, episode #111). Jill’s reveals her background (specifically the serendipity behind her union with her husband of 30 years) as well as how she found her voice, mission, and purpose through The episode also highlights what inspires her to do the work she does.