Our vision is to empower as many girls and women worldwide where they are safe, empowered, and heard.

Liluye’s founder, Jill Langhus-Griffin, has always been a compassionate feminist, who believes in equal rights for everyone. She firmly believes that she chose this life, the people and events in them, for a reason. Her own personal history of childhood abuse (sexual, mental, and physical) has enabled her to be extremely compassionate toward others who have suffered or who are suffering. It has also made her determined to make a difference in this world; in this lifetime, and beyond, creating a ripple effect of joy, peace, compassion, and love. Her personal goal, and legacy, is to empower as many girls and women as possible in this lifetime… to create safe havens for them, worldwide… where kindness, love, compassion, joy, and empowerment to live their best lives’ on purpose, embracing their own unique gifts and passions, is priority.

Please join us in helping to create safe havens for girls and women worldwide bringing even more awareness and preventive measures to help end trafficking and modern slavery, and to bring healing to those who have already suffered. Together we can help create a better and safer world for everyone and empower girls and women at the same time.