Knowledge is power. We believe, and know, that awareness can save lives. Victims are often hidden away, but it is possible you could encounter individuals or situations of concern. The more you know, the more lives you can potentially save.


Primary Contact Point Project

Referred to as the Primary Contact Point project at Twentyfour-Seven. Twentyfour-Seven has developed a patented method of delivering lifesaving information to victims in transit anywhere in the world. The victims often come from countries where corruption is common and traffickers work hand in hand with police.

The information provided from the codes are continuously updated, and the goal is to have within the next three years all the anti-trafficking laws from every country in the world to be translated into the twenty of the most commonly spoken languages. This will enable Twentyfour-Seven to reach 80% of the worlds population.

As you can see from the video above, during the transportation of a victim, they usually have the opportunity to use a public lavatory. The location provides a perfect place to delivery information to the sexually exploited girls and women. By helping Twentyfour-Seven place their coded stickers in the stalls or the mirrors of public lavatories, anyone can help.  To date, Twentyfour-Seven has distributed thousands of contact points throughout Europe, South America and the USA.

They are actively seeking organizational and governmental partners that have a vested interest in providing local contact information to victims. They are also seeking volunteers to help distribute this essential information in bus stations, train stations, airports and other public transportation hubs around the world.

For more information about Twentyfour-Seven to help potentially trafficked victims, or to partner or volunteer with them, please visit their website here.


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General Resources

For a good selection of anti-trafficking reports, podcasts, documentaries, TED Talks, Public Service Announcements (PSAs) and books, go to:


Identifying a Safe Adult (for Parents) Flier

How to tell if someone is truly a Safe Adult. Some subtle but vital differences in behaviors can be observed to differentiate between a Safe Adult and a Sexual Predator in this flier. For more information, click here.