Economic Empowerment

Liluye is committed to developing and collaborating on the most effective and beneficial, economic empowerment programs, moving survivors to be more educated and empowered overall so they’re able to thrive.

If you’d like to learn, follow, or attend one of our upcoming economic empowerment programs, or find out more about our past programs, you’ll find more information about them below. These programs may be hosted by Liluye or by one of our partners or collaborators.


Project EIFL X Liluye

This new program, or the Project EIFL X Liluye Financial Literacy Program, is an impactful online program that’s being led, hosted, and facilitated by Tarun Masapeta and his team (from Project EIFL). This pilot is being held over a 8-10 week timeframe and is for U.S. and Canadian trafficking survivors in a cohort of 8-10 participants.

It’s a safe, supportive community that will educate and empower to help them gain financial independence and freedom to live their lives on their own terms. It will feature up to eight different financial topics that will be taught on separate, 45-minute Zoom workshops. After the completion of the entire program, all attendees will be provided with a financial resource guidebook to help them afterwards.

The program covers the following:

• How to open a bank account (step by step).
• How to calculate taxes (where to set them aside, where to put them, how to reinvest them, how to do balance sheets, and what is taxable).
• How to invest.
• How to reinvest in their business (how to start anew as an individual and/or business).
• Organization financial literacy (when given a lump sum and financing their own organization).
• How do they pay themself (not out of a business account).
• Where to put their money (what to budget in, what to spend on, and what percentage to take out).
• Financial Aid (for anyone considering going back to school).

In the future, we plan to make this program accessible and tailored to other countries.