Liluye is committed to healing and supporting women globally to thrive in safe, supportive communities. We’re working to develop and collaborate on the most effective, trauma-informed healing programs, moving forward to a brighter future free from emotional, physical, and mental pain.

If you’d like to learn, follow, or attend one of our upcoming healing events, or find out more about our past events, you’ll find more information about them below. These events may be hosted by Liluye or by one of our partners or collaborators.


The Thrive Tribe

This new program, or The Thrive Tribe (TTT), is a powerful online personal development and coaching program that’s being led, hosted, and facilitated by Emma Lees (our director of coaching). This pilot is being held over a 12-week period and is for trafficking survivors around the world in a cohort of eight.

It’s a safe, supportive community utilizing a mix of coaching, training, and online community. The program itself will focus on developing self-knowledge and awareness, identifying coachees self-limiting beliefs and barriers, creating a vision, and breaking into a new, empowered story and way of life. Our program ensures everyone who applied receives some support and resources.

The program provides all coachees with:

• A safe and respectful space and community to learn and grow together.
• The opportunity to take a new approach, learn about themselves, break free from what is holding them back, and learn new tools and practices to move forward with their lives.
• Group and one-on-one support to work towards developing a personalized and fulfilling 1-3 year plan.
• A flexible and adaptive program to best meet the needs of all those participating.

"The session from last night was great, honestly I didn't know we would connect easily. I know others feel same way about it. Thank you for creating such an excellent platform for us to build connections, heal and thrive."
Chylian Ify Azuh
Survivor Leader



This event (our first trauma healing training webinar) was hosted on December, 2022 with our partner, Rosie Cataldo, a human trafficking consultant and trauma informed prevention educator. All the participants were trauma-informed and worked with survivors and/or overcomers. Together, we learned a powerful healing modality that included strategies to help individuals release stored trauma via breathwork, tapping (EFT), and incorporating prayer or intention.

"The wonderful thing about attending Rosie's Trauma Healing Training Workshop is that we don't just learn how to work with clients, but we get to heal from our own traumas.”
Workshop Participant

To learn more about The Resilient, Empowered Self and Community Series webinar event, click here.

If you would like to partner or collaborate with Liluye on a future healing training event, email us at info@liluye.org and we will get back to you to discuss this opportunity.