This is a collection of real, recent stories of girls and women that have been rescued by our partner, Mercy Seed Outreach, in Cameroon.


Brenda's mother was the family’s breadwinner before she died. She is currently 18. Her father and grandmother sent her to the city to learn a trade, but she was sexually exploited and got pregnant. She went home to give birth to her son, who’s now five. She couldn’t meet her financial needs and was left vulnerable to a trafficker whom with the assistance of her father and grandmother took her away.


Jacqueline (28) was brought to the city by her brother, from the Bui subdivision, at the age of 10. She struggled on her own to survive, worked as a domestic servant without being paid the agreed-upon price, has now left and is free. Her dream is to be a fashion designer, and she has completed high school. She works at Mercy Seed as a secretary after completing Admin coursework sponsored by Etali Genesis.


Ruphina (17) was coerced by a sex trafficker from Bako to Bamenda and was later abandoned to the streets after being sexually exploited. She lives with a man for survival and succumbs to his sexual advances. In January, she will learn the trade of tailoring with the hopes of becoming financially independent so she can leave her abuser and be free.


Synthia’s sister brought her to the city to live with her, but it didn’t work out. She is currently 23. She did domestic servitude in different homes and sold sex to survive. She lived with a man for shelter and succumbed to his sexual advances. She recently left and is now free, living on her own with financial sponsorship from a Mercy Seed donor, and attending school with sponsorship from Mercy Seed.