Our Team

We envision a slave-free world where women and girls are empowered to be and do whatever they like.

Together, we are empowered warriors with a shared vision of peace and empowerment, that are always honest and authentic, that practice infinite kindness and compassion, choose love to make a difference, inspire through diversity and creativity, and live each day courageously!

Jill Langhus-Griffin,

Founder & CEO

Molly Dishman,

Director of Compliance & Board Member

Emma Lees,

Director of Coaching & Board Member

Kristin Vaughn,

Director of Survivor Affairs & Board Member

Sylvia Nalubega,

Staff Writer

Lydia Jummai Gara,

Grant Writer

Efe Omordia,

Grant Researcher & Strategist

Ana María Duque Rosanía,

Content Creator

Yuliana Lucia Gomez Arroyo,

Social Media Analyst

Our Global Advisory Network

Dr. Stephanie Little Hawk-Big Crow,

Global Indigenous Affairs Expert

Yvonne Sharp,

Global Programs Manager

Emily Hollerbach,

Global Social Impact Strategy Consultant

Valentina Coco

Valentina Coco,

Global Financial and Strategic Planning Expert

Brenna Wallace,

Global Survivor Affairs Expert

Chylian Ify Azuh,

Global Migrant Support Expert