We believe that by educating people with relevant, comprehensive, and practical guidance can increase the number of victims identified and reduce the number of  future victims from potential slavery.

Fact Sheets

Human Trafficking Indicators (UNODC)

For identifying victims of trafficking that can be found in a variety of situations. Help identify them. Read the fact sheet

Human Trafficking “Coffee Break” Training

An overview by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security of what human trafficking is, who the victims are, who is at risk, and how to identify human trafficking. Read the fact sheet

Info Guides

Council on Foreign Relations Modern Slavery Info Guide

This comprehensive guide is an exploration of the root causes and the human toll of human slavery. It focuses on what modern slavery is, what drives the slave trade,  a trafficker’s motives, modern abolition, and resources. It includes case studies, and focuses on, the following countries and regions: India, North Korea, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Thailand, Iraq, Syria, Haiti, the United States, and Europe. Read the info guide

100 Best Practices in Combating Trafficking in Persons: The Role of Civil Society (2012)

This guide from The Protection Project encourages the dissemination of information about the best ways to combat trafficking in persons by recommending five main components of civil society: (a) nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), (b) corporations, (c) academia, (d) media, and (e) faith-based organizations. This publication is intended to serve as a guide in the design and implementation of anti-trafficking practices worldwide, as well as to inform the general public about outstanding contributions to the fight against trafficking in persons. Read the info guide


Human Trafficking 101 (2013)

This webinar is a comprehensive overview of trafficking, including stories and indicators. It’s presented by the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC), operated by Polaris. Listen to the webinar

Online Training

DHS Human Trafficking Awareness Training

This online course portal includes typical case studies, an overview of human trafficking, a glossary of common terms, and resources. It’s based on statistics from the United States. Complete the online training

Sabre’s Online Human Trafficking Training Course

This training course is presented in a 30-minute online portal, and covers what human trafficking is, why it occurs, facts versus misconceptions, who the traffickers are, who the victims are, who the customers are, why victims don’t escape, who the survivors are, how global trafficking is, what the venues for trafficking are, what the travel industry’s role is, and what the warning signs of trafficking are. Complete the online training