We believe that by providing trafficked survivors with holistic resources that we will be able to help them reintegrate back into society more quickly, and enable them to feel the joy and peace that was robbed from them and is their birthright. 


Trauma Release, Healing Modality Training

After a rewarding experience working in Public Affairs for the Federal Reserve Bank, a too-close-to-home child sex trafficking scheme ignited a shift in Rosie Cataldo. She began researching and connecting with people in various sectors of anti-trafficking. She is inspired by extraordinary people doing remarkable work and has learned that we all can share our unique gifts to do something for the greater good. She has blended her past professional experience and her current (and ever-expanding) awareness to aid in awakening, and solution-infusion measures – all under the umbrella of prevention, protection, and healing. She feels that addressing how businesses and individuals can come alongside the issues surrounding human crimes to infuse solutions and serve as protectors in their respective areas is vital.

Rosie’s Trauma Release, Healing Modality Training* is a powerful online webinar that is an hour long, with a half an hour Q&A. It’s intended for small groups that are trauma-informed and work with survivors/overcomers who want to more effectively and deeply heal trafficked survivors. The training includes strategies to help individuals release stored trauma via breathwork, tapping (EFT), and incorporating prayer or intention based on the recipient’s religious or spiritual practice.

*This healing modality has been proven to be effective in releasing stored trauma. It’s not a substitute for counseling or therapy, however, but something to add as a valuable resource and option for those suffering from big T and little t trauma. For individuals dealing with debilitating trauma, it’s important to consult a trauma-informed therapist.

"I suffer from PTSD. For years it has kept me from thriving in life. For at least a decade I could not sleep. I would have nightmares and relapses. I could not find ways to release the darkness. Rosie has amazing energy, a soft soul, and an ability to deliver tremendous light through her healing. Because of this, I now sleep well, I am able to manage stress and emotions in a positive manner. I am absolutely grateful for the work she has done for me."
Logan J.
Healing Modality Recipient

For more information about Rosie’s trauma healing training modality or to learn more about her trauma-informed human trafficking consultancy and prevention education, please visit her website here.

To learn more about Rosie, what she’s passionate about and her work, here is the Liluye blog post.

Peer-led PTSD Counseling

Victor Lyons has been helping global NGO projects with mental health and literacy challenges for nearly 40 years now, and he has co-founded delivery centers in the U.K. and the U.S. that have trained people to cure PTSD, panic attacks, and other health challenges among crime victims. His long-term passion has been to find a way to create an accessible, relatively quick, and easy way to create a massive scale, trauma healing in domestic violence and trafficking victims, as well as migrants.

This is why he created SessionWise which is a program that builds resilience; to empower people to thrive by resolving trauma in peer-led communities. The trainees don’t have to be psychologists or psychiatrists to cure PTSD. The program focuses on teaching how to do peer counseling so participants can reduce or eliminate traumatic memories, panic attacks, anxiety, and depression. It teaches the trainee everything they need to know about how to deliver TIR (Traumatic Incident Reduction), including some theoretical overview, a lot of practice, as well as some hands-on practice to pass on the methods to the trauma sufferers.

"I have had a few PTSD peer-led training sessions, and some private, counseling sessions with Victor recently. For my personal, healing sessions, we focused on my husband being in prison for ten months. After I visited and spent some time with my husband recently, I became very depressed. I shall remain forever grateful to Victor for having a session with me. After our session, I felt so happy and grateful that I had visited my husband. I felt like a heavy load had been lifted from me, and I slept so deeply afterwards. Now I feel stronger and more able to accept the fact that he is not at home. I recommend these counseling sessions to anyone who is undergoing any form of trauma."
Regina Young Afanwi
Founder / CEO of AEDVP

For more information about Victor’s PSTD training (SessionWise) to help trafficked survivors overcome PTSD or to learn more about his other services, including his TraumaWise app and private counseling, please visit his website here.

To learn more about Victor, his background, passion, and his PTSD training program, here is the Liluye blog post.