Do you want to be part of something incredible?

At Liluye, we’re very proud to work with a community of amazing, diverse trailblazers, and we’d love you to join us!

Liluye exists to empower women and girls, to give them a viable trade and income, to bring more love and compassion into this world, and to create more awareness and prevention around modern slavery.

If you’re looking to make a big difference, and you live by the Liluye values, we’d love to hear from you!

To inquire about possible openings that aren’t listed below, please send your resume and cover letter to

Volunteer, Board of Directors

Liluye is a registered non-profit organization that was founded and registered in Spain in November 2020.

Our mission is to create exceptional, sustainable, ethnic, handmade accessories that will empower trafficked survivors globally to reintegrate back into society by teaching them a viable trade and providing them with good income. All products/processes will be sustainable, focusing on circularity. Liluye is committed to addressing SDGs 5 and 8.

Our goal is to elevate humanity by empowering as many trafficked warriors as possible through access to, or provision of a holistic reintegration program. We network with other anti-trafficking/Fairtrade organizations, educating consumers and visitors alike on trafficking, prevention, resources, ethical standards, sustainability and ways to get involved, with the intention of first reducing and then eradicating trafficking.

What we are seeking: Liluye seeks interested and motivated individuals for our board of trustees who are inspired by our mission and encompass the Liluye values. You will also bring an understanding of non-profit governance, and a commitment to the expansion and long-term sustainability of Liluye and its mission.

The Liluye values:
• Empowering trafficked warriors through a shared vision of peace
• Honesty, authenticity and transparency
• Practicing infinite kindness and compassion to all human beings and our planet
• Choosing love and making a difference in as many lives as possible
• Inspiring through diversity and creativity
• Living each day courageously
• Supporting open collaboration

What you will receive:
• An opportunity to share your expertise
• Increased leadership skills
• Satisfaction knowing that you’re helping global communities
• Gratification in helping to build a strong foundation and network
• The knowledge that you’re making a difference

We are especially looking for individuals who particularly are passionate about: women and girls’ empowerment, anti-trafficking awareness and prevention, circularity, and diversity and inclusion. And, more specifically:
• fundraising
• behavioral marketing
• strategic planning
• sustainable/circular products and systems
• international logistics and operations
• budgeting
• solid financial systems/foundation
• legal expertise

Board Member expectations:
• Each Board member serves a term of 2 years.
• The Board of Directors meets 4 times each year and every member is expected to attend all meetings unless an excused absence is arranged in advance.
• Board members will spend on average:
– In meeting months: 4 hours/week reviewing and preparing for the meeting, participating, and following up on any actions.
– In non-meeting months: 2-4 hours/week.

Board members will possess a wide spectrum of skills and traits, including:
• A commitment to participate fully in open and candid board discussions. An ability to ask tough questions and challenge conventional thinking in a respectful manner. Capacity as an active communicator, listener, encourager, and collaborative colleague. A willingness to learn and adapt as the organization’s circumstances require.
• An ability to identify, attract, and engage major donors and supporters, and to exemplify a commitment to financial sustainability.
• A capacity to think broadly and strategically about the organization’s role in our community. A willingness to innovate new systems and procedures, and to take measured risks. A familiarity with the management of complex organizations.
• A knowledge of social, political and economic issues around sex trafficking.
• A fluency with budgets, financial reports, investment decisions, and risk management.
• Integrity, good judgment, diplomacy, resilience, and compassion. Grace in dealing with a broad spectrum of personalities and politics, and good humor in working with board colleagues, organization employees, volunteers, and other stakeholders.
• The capacity and networks to work at international and grass root levels, understand community concerns and advocate for changes effectively.
• Providing governance and regulatory compliance oversight.
• To oversee the development, implementations, monitoring, evaluation and learning of the Liluye’s strategies, plans, finances and audits.

The Liluye Board of Directors:
The Board is responsible for fiduciary oversight, strategic direction, and active fundraising while leaving management of day-to-day operations to the CEO. This includes key areas of engagement:

1. Vision, strategy and oversight:
• Participating in periodic vision setting and strategic planning.
• Overseeing and reviewing the organization’s finances including approving the annual budget, monitoring expenditures and ensuring that sound risk management policies are in place and in compliance with all legal requirements.
• Providing support and counsel to the CEO and her staff, as requested.

2. Governance:
• Identifying, cultivating, selecting, and orienting new trustees.
• Reviewing the CEO’s performance at regular intervals.
• Assessing board and trustee performance.
• Determining board size and composition; and setting policies regarding committee assignments and the selection of officers.

3. Fundraising and promotion:
• Working with the CEO and the Development & Outreach Director to identify, introduce, solicit, and cultivate the long-term interest of potential donors, other funders, and volunteers in supporting the organization.
• Assisting the organization in raising its visibility in print and online media, among the public and various constituencies.

How to apply:
We will be reviewing applications on an on-going basis so that we have the most effective and inclusive board as possible.

If interested in joining the Liluye Board of Directors, and/or learning more about the organization, please contact us at Tell us why you think you are a good candidate for the board position (including your specific skill set related to the above criteria), and include your resume, references, and best way to contact you. Be sure to include in the subject line: “Volunteer, Board of Directors.”